a collective studio for experimental arts in Chicago's Historic Fine Arts Building
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Li & Katinka Kleijn | Sat. 06.29.24 @ 2PM - FREE
Join us for a studio performance and live recording with two genre-defying interdisciplinary artists—combining sound, movement, and improvisation.
Photo Credits:
Li(sa E.) Harris: Maria Jose Govea; Katinka Kleijn: Aliya Ultan
Winter Open House feat. Caleb Willitz, WiHuBa, Jack & Ben Wright | Friday 12.08.23 @ 5:30 PM - FREE
Join us for our FREE Winter Open House Event! We're celebrating "Work," Caleb Willitz's new book of paintings; with performances from WiHuBa (Jim Baker, Steve Hunt, Ed Wilkerson Jr.) and the duo of Jack & Ben Wright.
Saturday 04.29.23 @ 7:30 PM - $15
Join us for a live studio session with Oui Ennui, Norman Long, Julian Otis and Alex Wing in a newly formed improvising quartet.
Pat Leary - "Vol. 1" Album Release
Friday 05.05.23 @ 7:30 PM - $15
Chicago pianist Pat Leary celebrates the release of his latest album, "Vol. 1." 2 sets featuring solo piano & group improvisation.
Image of Thought
Friday 04.07.23 @ 7:30 PM
An night of instructional scores with improvised sound and movement. Compositions by Luc Mosley & Erin Peisert.
Jim Baker & Kimmel.Ali.Harris
Fri 03.10.23 @ 7:30PM
Jim Baker plays a set of solo piano:
"If Scriabin could swing, maybe he'd get within spitting distance of that performance" —Hannah Edgar
plus a set of music from trio Kimmel.Ali.Harris
Bass Dreams minus B & Groppler Zorn
Fri 02.17.23 @ 8PM
Join us for a night of improv bands! Tatsu Aoki leads Bass Dreams minus b, bringing the jamz with a "z." Groppler Zorn provides refreshing sounds & good improvised music.
Sonic Symbiosis: Douglas R. Ewart & Black Bamboo Fire
Fri 12.09.22 @ 7:30PM
"For us, sounds are living entities that support, cooperate and enhance each other while maintaining their autonomy and individuality. Sounds are perfect examples of what a symbiosis is."

Douglas R. Ewart leads this special ensemble exploring Sonic Symbiosis—featuring Kioto Aoki, Edward Wilkerson Jr., and Brian Smith.
Mai Sugimoto Quartet
Sun 12.11.22 @ 7:00PM
Mai Sugimoto leads her quartet for a live recording session with a studio audience. Featuring featuring Fred Jackson Jr., Isaiah Spencer, Ethan Philion.
Gabriel Zucker + Luc Mosley Duo
Sat 11.05.22 @ 7:30PM
Luc Mosley (saxophone) and Gabriel Zucker (piano) meet for a set of live improvised music.
Ben Zucker's Fifth Season - "Semiterritory" CD Release
Fri 10.21.22 @ 7:30PM
Ben Zucker's Fifth Season Ensemble celebrates the release of their new CD "Semiterritory" with a live studio performance.

The band is Ben Zucker (vibraphone), Mabel Kwan  (piano), Andrew Scott Young (double bass), Adam Shead (drums)
East Meets Middle East Workshop & Performance
Sat 10.8.22
From India, Subrata Bhattacharya (tabla) and Abhisek Lahiri (sarod) collaborate with Ronnie Malley (oud) and George Lawler (percussion) to create a cross-cultural palette of improvisations and original compositions.
Close Encounters: Ben LaMar Gay & Tatsu Aoki
Fri 10.7.22
Ben LaMar Gay & Tatsu Aoki collaborate for the first time in a live improvised duet.
Image of Thought - Sat 8.20.22
An interactive performance combining sound & movement composed by Erin Peisert & Luc Mosley
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: Nicole Mitchell & JoVia Armstrong
Fri 8.12.22
Nicole Mitchell & JoVia Armstrong meet in the studio for a live improvised duet performance.
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